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Why Antiques?
Why have we chosen antiques for a business? Why do people worldwide love antiques? Why do we encourage you to enjoy antiques? There are endless reasons and hopefully this section of our site will add fuel to your fire. Join the fascinating ride with us as we question experts and scour the universe for insights in to the way our forefathers lived and survived in centuries long-gone.

Furniture Watch
Take a look at these very short (30-60 seconds) video clips which highlight the interesting features and backgrounds of specific pieces of furniture we have found on our travels. Some videos are made by us and others are interesting ones we have found around the traps. Enjoy!
(remember you can click on the settings wheel to select your preferred viewing resolution)

Watch Us
Every business has a story. Here you’ll see the people behind the name, the discoveries we made and the furniture we met along the way. We could bamboozle you with snappy marketing speak, or we can simply show you behind the scenes. Keeping it real and authentic.


“I wanted to thank you all for such a wonderful evening! Everyone I spoke to thoroughly enjoyed themselves and I feel very sorry for those who couldn't make it. They really did miss out!!! It was great combination of eating and listening. Can we PLEASE do another talk?!!”

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